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Hawthorne , Nevada
June 23, 1965     Mineral County Independent-News
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June 23, 1965

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m i MINERAL COUNTY INDEPENDENT NEWS, Hawthorne, Nevada , , , ,,,, &amp; Taylol book 2.63 supl 294.01 Publishers, book 7.65 Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Company, book 6.00 supl 295.15 Croning Museum of Glass, book 1.15 Consolidated Electrical Distributors, ]Baker & Taylor, books 27.94 supl 45.18 ILyle Stuart, Inc., book 4.15 Culbertson Motor Supply, supl 35.38 County A"-'  Crown Publishers, Inc., book 7,30 A. Calqisle & Co. of New supl 52.65 uaitor:[Arco Publishing Company. books 20.37 Tippin Gas & Appliance, Inc., 7, 196 The World Book Year Book, book 5.95 supl 205.94 Americana Interstate COrp., an- Wedco. Inc., 234.64 ii nual 6.40 Wedco, Inc., supl 442.53 Consumers Digest, subs 6.00 Wedco, Inc., supl 160.74 Library Journal, subs 8.00 Wedeo, Inc., supl 229.62 Mrs. Lueye Colman, leimb 10.001Western Hardware & Tool Co., , r ,, . , , ,, ,. , VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR LITTLE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Committees reqmrea to con- duct the 1965 Little League dis. trict tournaments scheduled to ,,,,, "10 Years Ago Only one bid -- in excess of amount of money avmlable -- received for construction of grade school classrooms in Bbbitt, and was rejected by school board. PAGE FIVE . .,r JOB CORPS CAMP (Continued from Page I) committee feel that we are so superior, morally, intellectually and economically that we can. not permit 100 normal Ameri. can boys to sojourn in our midst for fear we will be con- eal 26.86 , sol 299. 1. 64.0 tal 48.0 eupl 1.92 Oil Co. of Calif., supl 314.32 32.09 Mercantile, supl 14.47 sal 350 Oil Co. of Calif., supl 6.00 ulply Company, sup| 112.63 l mmond Furniture, chairs 190.00 County Independent, M publ 7.75 ineral County Power System, & per pOwer 1,148.24 Hawthorne Utilities, util 13.95 Srgent-owell {no., signs 344.4 adv GABAG E : rail 20.2: sal sal & Elec Beagle, sol 15.0 Bowles, eal Serv 80.2 sal aerv 126.1 Elder. sal supl 80.6 sal Mutz. sal serv supl Gas & Appliance, Inc., supl & Serv.. supl Co., supl Mercantile, supl neral County Independent, , su SUpl supl Serv., O., SUpl supl supl Math., & Tackh Shop, 8.72 40.38 supl 124.08 supl 6.94' supl Pos 500.00, 18.75',I Manaenent, 216.48 1.50 Util 95.2 util 47.7 System, 3.08 raeQls 161.49 5.45 100.00 49.00 6,60 sol 550.00 sal 350.00 ': Sol 250.00 550.00 &50.00 St.. Sol 550.00 sal 250.00 sol 250.00 Sol 22&00 225.0O 500.00 al 525.0 sol 118.00 18.00 , Serv . & util rent rent rent supl SUvl System, *al sal sol adv at their[ supl 148.87 of June H. ,VTHORNE TOW ANBULANCE:IMineral County Power System " rmowater Oil Co. supl 2.54 PeCtv h int -- ' R o ty Clerkl'andard Oil Co. Of Calif., supl 3"931Mineral coun"-t'y Power Sytm, " c the] eral ounty lnaependent, [ Petty Cash reimb 63.50 j punl 1.00]Franehise Tax'Board tax 100.00 Deputy [ ]-AW'PHOI? "PNWM- Electrical West, subc' .2.06 .......... ' ..... n r ]Leland Petty sol aa nni Ml e al County Power System, 3750"000011Vrea. peerVre'saal 3i5"5 HaWrere Utilities, water 140:b61 .'nn[W D Jeffer's Sr o,I -'aa Mina Town, rent 30.00 ' Hayden E Col"sai'" 1'66 Security National Bank of .eJ. a'L. J. Giordan aal ,'_1 tax 900.10 ']Paul Hgst. ' =. '?! Mineral County Treasurer sal 276.27 2.11:0[(on E. Wilhelm, sal 141.6;[PublictErployess Ret,r--ent, ,%36 28 420'303[Alvi n K..]eube;less.aisa 1 1000"  Jessie F. Mitchell. Ins., ins 186:0g 4nn',,[ Charles Raymond' sol nn'a,[ONSULMR MPER DEPOSIT FUND R'II"L R. Eddy cash 'adv '''Minel County Power System, 'l Bell of Nada ser-v (5-3232 27'( Petty Cash, ref 270.00 uut'n"'lAmerican Linen Supply, serv' 7:00'---- "4245100{Sarffax, supl . 675.85 CLAIMS &I.KW][) " " y' l MT. 00RANT 425(0 o',iProane Gas rv:-e au] ' Hawthorne Nev. June 8 1965 0 _.ubertson Motor Supply sunl 3024 I, W. J. Verhng, Clerk of the Board 315"34 ppin Gas & Appliance' Inc " -of Trtmtees, Mt. Grant General Hes- supl 29.70 pital, hereby certify that the following 381.34 Nelson-Wagner Hardware, supl 283.84 Jerry's Texaco Service supl xeon's Auto Supply & Service, Power System, Water See publ 15  urity National Bank, tax UOllc Emloyees Retirement., contrib 3 Mineral County Treasurer, 43.19 W r. . sol. ater FUnd ' adv U. S. Postmaster, supl HE SEWER : 2 sM sa] sal 1.29 sal 25.58 sal 9.35 sal sal 7.55 supl Ga supl supl 5.0C M publ 6.61 [natal COunty POwer System, 68.88 pOwer SeCurity National Bank, tax Public Employees Retirement, eontrib 56 U.S. Postmaster, supl 14 HAVTIORN WIATER : Barlow, sal Bowles, sal A. sal G " sal G reg, sal ruwell, sal al Souza, sal erv (6"24) serv Supply, erv ,f Calif., supl n, supl 'P, supl eupl supl sul.0 supl supl of supl aupl supl Inc., & Serv., supl Prnent Co., supl rne Water Petty Cash, supl supl publ Independent, Mineral County Power System, Dower Security National Bank, tax Public Employees Reflremen+ M' cOntrib -, moral Cunty Treasurer, BernT %k..rv 00 ..... _H-WTHORNE WATER tIa ,trM ."P  R DIOIT ref ,,er Ferry Cash. oaln LN WATER: M,neral Cou00't;"Ng;000000nt. publ 40.00 Mineral County Power System, 30.00 POWer 10,00 . MLNA WATER: 35.00 Mary M. Clark, sal 85.00 win. C. Holton, sol 152.30 wendy L. Slane eal 164.10y/.Z0 Mineral CountYsupl'POwer Syten, 49.96 aupl 25.00 . supl Co.. ]na Water Systern water 5.70 8.5.' mer.l County IndeIndent 7.50 publ 5.0 68.38 FUND 4.5.72 31.9b Power System, ref 20.00 47.5 Record Su 'NA .TOW: --- p,y, supt 116.7{) xm Court & Service Station supl 1.50 supl 30.96 467.5 aupl 1.95 47.50 DOWer System, 495.90 239.08 425.09 water 7.40 467. 8.00 sol 48.00 1.80 sal 108.00 aal 548.63 sal 859.04 Jr., sol 46'3.38 ,sal 579.81 sal 419.17 125.62 sal 641.70 asl 800.09 sal 442.00 @*3.74 12.36 Bearden, sal 385.00 sal 37.00 7.00 sol 305.00 1,848.0 sal 290..13 al 15.00 s 2,.o0 686.58 287 saal 432.30 al 143.5 1.7 sal 62.5 289.30, serv 24.01 58.9( 48.75 serv .4( 33.S4 Southern California Edison Co., ser 10.707.45 aerv 27.39 St. of Nev. 34.2 Hardware, supl 75.21 eat Co., supl 63.3 ns , _ ;reaker Co., supl 8q8. Au)ator o., Inc., supl 496.,I: utomottve Supply & Serv, supl 68.1! Material Industries, supl 111.50 II & Hartzell, Inc., sup1630.00 County Independent, 353.65 #supl 26.73 Cot P'rS Ine,, supl 12.00 poratlon, supl 161.32 Electrical Distribu:ors, supl 99.92 Consolidated Eleetrical Distributors, Upl ....... 264.8 Consolidated Electrical Distributors, claims for the month of May, 1965, were duly allowe and ordered, paid %t .regularly constituted meetings of the board. /s/ W. J. VERIING Laura D. Merlino, aal & mfl 723.65 Dorothy Miller, 1 42.09 Patricia Copple, sal 40.0. Janice King, sal 290.34 Jane Olesnewicz, sol 178.00 Margaret Hagstrom, sal 14"/.50 Lefa Saran. sal ' 518.09 Mildred Pattemon, al 409.50 Vera Shuck. sal 405.0 Ramona O'Connor. sal 381.00 Margie No.ndi, sal 2.00 452.7 ,Lena Holland, al 35r/.00 26.6{ Mae Arrascada, sol 326.00 500.96 Noba Millsap, al 325.00 96.24 Deslie Leavitt, sal 287.50 28.00 lorence Beverly, sol 24.00 110.00 E]5he Thomas, egl 00.OO 200.00 Vera Berger, sal 31.50 495.88 Pelts Mutz, sal 272.50 28.00 Iilda Craft, sol 276.00 2.15 Margaret Crotteau, sat 400.00 I Diane Simmons sal 240.00 34.20 Evelyn Braley, sol 300.00 39.07 Amy Aaborne, sol 172.0 58.20 Roeemaxy Despres, sol 689.50 3.16 Gayic Eddy, sol 80.;)0 Gwendolyn Harwood, aal 680.50 6.00 Mary Johnson. sol 295.00 166.20[Maxtha Lunford, al 295.00 [ Beulah Stawonov, sl 260.00 21,.28[Wanda Rice, sal 245.00 [Eva Giordana, sal 21.0 52.87[Carolyn Barker, sal 215.00 345.701Eva M. MeEwen, sol 84.00 74.551"Robert Millsap, sal 408.00 ]Holman Bariow, sal 550.00 2fi .[Oecar Edstrom, sal 100.00 '[ Clara Holmes, sal 5-0"1[ Lorena Goodman, sal ll"0[Fabrace Haynes sol 165"00Maerie Gnt, al .R,'7 Margaret Click, sol 2__.__-.'7-| Virginia Munger, sa] 202 [Geneva King -'[Ronnie Froberg, sol .q'[Thomas Parker, sol .... [Edward Nixon, sal , vxlOhas. Palm, sol .... [John P. Clarke. sal 18031 Fred Watson sol 12300|Herman Garry, sal Albert Schultz, sal 160,5.1 William Johnson, sal 74.55 J: G. Villarrealo sal Isaac Lovez, sal 5" o2 George Welch, sol '  C. W. Lowe, sal 192.50 Aloe, supl 220.90 Burroughs Wellcome & Co., supl 5h5.06 Hollister, Inc., supl 2@2.35 Mead Johusou Lab.. supl 508.0 Ayeest Lab.. supl 50"00 Golden Key Drug Store, supl 298"55iS.  Massengill Co., aupl , 9.95 IParke Davis, supl 40.00 Chas. Pfizer & Co.,, supl 45.00 Upjohn CO., supl 97.15 Winthrop Lab., supl 7.37 Wyeth Ib.. supl 25.24 American .Sterilizer Co., supl 21.50 Don Baxter, Inc., supl 223.26 Stryker Corp., supl 218.17 Muller & Co.. supl 8.16 Zimmer Mfg. CO supl 97.37 Briggs Printing Go., aupl 48.60 Hartman ?Leddon CO. supl 296.41 Hyland Lab., aupl Ortho Pharmaceutical COrp., 14.8 supl 8. Difco Lab., sup, Denver Chemical Co., supl 209.40 Sientific Products, supl 55"36 Sigma Chemical Co., supl 22.58 Uni Tech Chemical Mfg. Co., supl 37.40 Van Waters & Rogers, Inc., 149.19 supl 6.30 Warner.Chilcott, supl Gun & Tackle Shop, supl 13.00 Burdick Corp., supl G. E. Co.. supl 73. Lederle Lab., aupl 413.09 Southwest Blood Bank, aupl Ohio Chemical Co., supl 298.60 American Linen Co., supl Inland Chemical Co., supl I9.02 Zellerbach Paper Co., supl 301.53 Sanfax, supl Chicago Dryer Co., supl 'qYND Dohrmann Htel Supl., aupl Valley Dairy, aupl 85.00 Hawthorne Merc., supl Sexton & CO., supl 15.{}0 Prolne Gas Service., supl Pacific Rolling Door Co., supl 2.00 Nevada Purcbing Division, supl 47.48 Hawthorne Variety Store, supl Office Equip. Supl., supl 25.00 Mineral County Independent, 192.5ff publ :5.00 Arlington Nursery, supl B & B Corp., supl 138.41 Bird Archer Co.. supl 30.16 J. R. Bradley CO., supl Culertson Motor Supply, supl Desert Landscaping Nursery, Gardeu21Gate Nursery, aupl Wedco, Inc., supl Water Works, Inc., supl Truck lns. Exchange, ins State Farm Ins., ins Rlngsby Syatem, frt Bell of Nevada, erv (5-2461) CAD, Inc., serv Washoe Medical Center, serv W. Leon Weaver, M.D., sorv Physician's Consulting Lab., serv J. Stelhen Phalen, M.D., serv M.C.P.S., power _Hawthorne Utilities, water Fatty Cash, refunds Raymond Noble, mii Wesley Dike, rail , U. S. Naval Ammunition Depot, CLAIMS AJ.J..,OWD STAI OF NVADA County of Mineral To Gary L. Barton, County Auditor: Hawthorne Nevada June 3, 1965 i ,I, William H.' McDonald, Secretary ,cthe Board of Trustees of Mineral etevmion District No. 1, hereby certi- fY, that the following claims were duly am.wea and ordered paid by the Boal o Trustees of Mineral Television' Di. trict No. 1 at their regular meeting held June 2, 1965. WM. H. MeDOAID, Secretry oard of Trustees of Mineral Television District No. 1 Tidewater Oil Co., supl Mineral County Power System, serv Electronic Distruting Co., supl Mineral Co. Ind. News, supl & publ Louis Dellamonica, sal C. E. Weeper, sal Mary J. Wugner, sal III ] III AA Meetings lesy Evelnp in ]Blzed Room Presbytern Church :80 o'ekek LINE C Don't take anything for granted during your commis- sioning work on your boat. It's good advice but too many peo- ple overlook seemingly minor details. One of these are the ropes and lines you use con. stantly during the season. You've got to take care of your lines. A regular inspec- tion of all lines, and replace. ment of we/k or doubtful ones, will insure a safer, smoother sailing season. If you know the sighs of weakness in your hnes, you'll be able to spot those that are likely to give way  and they usually give at a crucial mo- ment. With the natural fiber ropes, general hairiness and fuzziness is a cue for replacement. The fibers should be long and een. Manila fibers should run about 8 feet long apiece. Hemp is shorter, generally, but should have egular, unkinked fibers like manila. Sisal is alrnost as strong as manila, but will not last quite so long since it lacks the natural oils of man. ila. ,Limp, lifeless r?pe is useless, parttcularly if it s coming un. laid. Open up the rope to the heart. If it is dusty or has a dray, powdery appearance, it has been subject to interior 285.03 2.00 chafe and is much weaker than 22..09 vhen you first put it aboard. 225.00 180.00 latural fiber ropes which 265.00 265.o0 have lain around the deck or ,o.o in the bilges for some time lO:oolare subject to deterioration. 3:!Sun, water, salt, .bird drop- 175.3' pings, acid, fumes -- all deter- 105.63 75.o01iorate the fbers and weaken l0000:0000lthe line. 1..v.31 Permanent kinking fouls up : the lay of the strands in a line s:9! and reduces Its strength. When 1.00:kinks appear in the line they 33.87 22.38 should be spun out promptly, 4: all the way to the end. Pull- 120.s ing them out only distorts the 123.97 64.27 lay of the strands and weakens a3.0 the line. VIaking sharp turns 196.90 50.9o and bends around cleats and 86.44 ss.3s shackles greatly reduces the 16.00 strength of a line and increases 6.88 27.73 the wear. Check any sucil I.2 .2 spots carefully. Usually, the strands of 10.0( 1.0: rope are laid in at about 45 12.0 173.3' degrees from the centerline of 18.75 the rope. T this angle is less, 18.45 the rope is becoming "long- 2a.40 jawed" and is losing its 18.0 strength. If its' more, it looks 3.98 29.94 like you've got a permanent 10.15 kink there. 9.17 es2.00 With the synthet/c fibers 149.33 21.2 ylon, Dacron, polypropylene, 9.s polyethylene, etc.  check for 87.2' 1.0 friction burns. If a .section 2.26 99.95 has been subjected to a lot of 42.00 friction, it might have heated 57.64 622.95 up enough to fuse the fibers 63.30 together. A slight glaze is 250.00 264.54  nothing to worry about, but if 20.07 ninny strands are melted into 1"s I a solid mass, replace that line. s.oo A little fuzz on the outside 146.00 e.12 o a synthetic line -- particu: 674.23 larly common with Dacrons -- 90.50 1.60 is nothing to be alarmed about. .7 As a matter of fact it's nor- 68.40 mal, and it helps protect the 18.65 364.60 surface fibers. ut if there 86.95 47.25 are obvious tufts, open the 11.09 rape by unlaying it and look 16.l, l.V0 for broken or cut yarns. 5.00 ,Braided lines don't become 370.31 172.50 long-jawed like twisted Con- 85#9 vent[onal lines, but they can 510.0 be overloaded and lose their 62.64 1.58 shape and strength nonethe- 33.00 32.00 less. ,If the diamond pattern 1.36 of the braid is becoming elon. gated and will not return read- ily to its original square pat- tern, the rope should be re- placed. Continual overloading may burden the line, too. If it appears stiffer than new [line, and if some of the dia. meter is lost, replace it. With double braided line, a loose out, !er layer may appear distorted i b :it is not necessarily a sign of overstress. 8.s A great danger with syn- 91.64 thetics, with any line for that 40.06 matter, is simple neglect. Lear- 157.41 ing a line poorly coiled in the 0.0, bilge where motor oil and 100.0( 30. other chemicals can work on it is asking for trouble. Keep your lines coiled properly and stored properly -- you'll get much long life out of them. Using pulleys and sheaves that are too small will also shorten the natural life of a line. Sharp bends distort the line and overstress it, ultlmate ly weakening it. be held at the Babbitt Little Five contracts totalling $112,. League field on August 5, 6 and 076.82 were awarded for var- Look at every line and every 7, are now being organized ious b u i 1 d i n g rehabilitation piece of rope aboard your boat according to the tournamentljobs, and drilling of new water as a life line. You never know director, Fidel Gomez. Iwell, at naval depot. when a particular hank of line Committee chakrmen and of- i Announcement was made will become vital, ficials are Tim MCCoy, assist-[that Hursh real estate agency ant tournament director; Johnlo f Fallon would direct the sale A reminder that the U S. Petty, statistician and announqcf 62 Lakeview houses held Coast Guard, last fall, revoked cer; Orus Bowles, St., grounds- by Federal National Mortgage its former approval of factory keeper; Stanley Edwards, chieflAssociation. s e a 1 e d, disposbleartridge umpire; orma Harrington, fire extinguishers of the 2 and Joyce Orndorff, housing; /'' /,- and 2 3/4 pound sizes. As of Jim Greenleaf, programs; and /J , A June 1, every new dry chemi. Joe Guru]e, treasurer. .. ........ ...... needed for  nawmorne naa a necuc week cal, stored- pressure- type por. VOlUnt .t. are neea [ ....... table fire extinguisher, that is, all committees and are urged ':;:l:aT?:n'te Wer:rZ t:i one that uses a single cham. to contact tournament officials .. ." . .v her for dry chemical and the[as soon as possible. .. [;?oa::r:n%a<nTere gven expellant gas, must have a Housing must be founa or; , pressure gauge or device to approximately 9 boys age 11 i Mineral county had quota o! show whether the pressure is or 12. Boys must be housed, iS264,900 in war bond drive, adequate, fed and under the supervision land was within $25.,000 of m .eet- of an adult from Aug. 4 to 7.'ing quota, Joe viani, mve p .......... VE !chairman stated. HOUSE GUES'I --'ATIVES VISIT I''[" Vfv,o Arfx ........... =" -" " "" - se AT HARDIN HOME [ ;fuesa vWit:gVeh:men :Mrs. Paul Riches k 2 d edM;l:?Tlt=az dse.i past week. They are Mr. and three sons, Steven, _. i.... Mrs. James O. Hanson from Jeffery of Garaen G ze:" ...... San Diego, Cali Mrs. Hanson[ifornia, and Tom Hardin. o i Ar lS amvea .o.m ..... " .........  ichmond Virginia, are vsit. Ft Churcnfll to vecome cnle They haven't seen each other]lng thls week with their par.! oaL,a.i2P : for 3 years. They are having I ents, Mr. ana .Mrs. Tex rmr. I . ,.- .......  _-=--_-=== - an enjoyable stay. din of Babbltt cnlel foreman o .tp m-. taminated? I resepectfully urge your board to take im- mediate steps to correct the false impression that the com. mittee report creates, by re- drawing your resolution of February 9 to eliminate the :elerence to "Navy Side" as a )ossible site and repass it. Also I request, that copies of your resolution and of this statenlent be mailed to all per sons who were recipient of the committee's report." Aalbu's request was read by the commissioners and order placed on record, with no fro- real action being taken. The AtA committee report, pro. piously accepted by the com- missioners, was submitted to the ARA committee, and then to the commissioners, by a committee consisting of Floyd Justus, St., Capt. Win. Schwecr and Jack McCloskey. MILWAUKEE MAN VISITOR HERE Frank Sarnwski of Milwau- kee, Wisconsin arrived here this week and will visit at the home of hie son H. J. "Ski" Sarnowski and family for a short period. YOUR TEXACO DEALER HAS A CHARMING OFFER FOR YOU! 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AT YOUR TEXACO DEALER ,DISPLAYING THE GOLD RUSH SIGN? *WITH $3.00 MINIMUM PURCHASE, PLUS FEDERAL EXCISE TAX SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST JERRY'S TEXACO 812 SIERRA WAY JOSEPH'S TEXACO SIXTH SIERRA WAY