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July 19, 2012
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PAGE FOUR MINERAL COUNTY INDEPENDENT-NEWS, Hawthorne, Nevada ... JULY 19-25, 2012 County Commision Roundup Business Licenses Creative Time (Don J. Salazar, AI D. SYme and Les D. Syme) was approved for a busi- ness license. They will be doing solar lighting and construction on the Hawthorne Army De- pot. Edwards Backflow Testing and Repair (Jac- queline B. Edwards) was approved for a busi- ness license. She was a previous holder, whose license had expired. Paschall Plus (James and Julie Paschall) was approved for a business license. They had two day jobs. All licenses were in order. Redbox Automat- ed Retail LLC (Dawn Shepardson) was ap- proved for a business license at Highway 95 & Armory (Safeway). Renown Institute for Heart and Vascular Health (James I. Miller and Dawn D. Ahner) were approved for a busi- ness license at 150 So. C Street, Hawthorne. The annex building across from the hospital passed inspection. Any issues were noted on applica- tion by building inspec- tor,Mike Fontaine. Wild Kat Ranch(Juan Martinez & Phil Maita) South Hwy 95, Mina. It 'was stated that there were issues that must be addressed before open- ing. Maita stated the Wild Kat had been there for 37 years. Commis- sioner Essenpries asked how many would be employed? Maita stat- ed there are six rooms. The Commissioners ad- journed and reconvened as the Mineral County Brothel Board to further discuss this item. District Attorney Sean Rowe stated the Ordinance was passed in 2005, which reads that the location of the business must be 300 year from the highway and residents; no trans- fer between ownerships; license is related to the location of the property. Commissioner Tipton stated her concern is the 10 acre parcels, although split, neither are 300 yards from the highway. Maita stated the prop- erty was divided with land being designated as 'brothel' properties. Rowe stated the Ordi- nance was not passed until after the parcel split and suggested changing the ordinance if granting this application. Tipton stated that items found by Building Inspector need to be corrected be- fore approval of license. Inspector Fontaine stat- ed that one item, not listed on his application, is the water quality is not allowable for drink- ing. The Board agreed to continue this applica- tion for eight weeks un- til the ordinance can be amended. The Board ad- journed and reconvened as the Board of Com- missioners. New Frontier Treat- ment Center - Request that fees be Waived under current license. Linda Larson, Execu- tive Secretary, Mineral County Sheriff's Office, stated they had paid fees last year with no claim of nonprofit when filing. Tipton would like New Frontier to present rea- soning of why request- ing waiver of fees before Board acts. Essenpries MINERAL COUNTY INDEPENDENT-NEWS (USPS 350-760) Periodical Postage paid at Hawthorne, Nevada Post Offic e Published Weekly at 501 D Street HAWTHORNE, NEVADA 89415 P.O. Box 1270 ~ Tel: (775)945-2414 FAX (775) 945-1270 e-mail: A Member of the Nevada State Press Association California Newspaper Publishers Association Mineral County Chamber of Commerce Northern Nevada Better Business Bureau Publication day is designated as Thursday (holidays in- cluded) to provide frequency of publication designated for legal notices required by federal, state and local government entities. Subscription Rates (In Advance) COUNTY: 6 Months - $27.00 -- One Year - $40.00 OUTSIDE COUNTY: 6 Months - $40.00 -- One Year - $55.00 STAFF: Publisher: Battle Born Media Chief Operating Officer -- Kirk Kern Office Manager -- Heidi Bunch Staff Writer -- Eric Dahlberg ERRORS The liability of the Publisher on account of errors in, or ommissions from, any advertisements will in no way exceed the amount of the charge of the space occupied by the items in error, and then only for the first incorrect insertion. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Independent-News P.O. Box 1270 Hawthorne, Nevada 89415 stated that fees should just be paid. Write-Off of Uncol- lectable Accounts for Hawthorne, Mina/Lu- ning Water Systems Ana Fitzgerald, Haw- thorne Utilities Office Manager, stated the write-off amounts for the 2011-2012 fiscal ye are $1,162.45 for Hawthorne, $209.44 for Mina and none for Lun- ing. Accounts have been closed and are unable to be collected due to collection expirations, death or bankruptcies. The board approved to write off uncollectible accounts as presented. Hawthorne Reha- bilitation Project Fitzgerald stated the rehabilitation project is finished outside of a little paperwork. Certificate of Substantial Comple- tion from engineer, con- tractor and Hawthorne Utilities, USDA did final walkthrough with check- list. Commissioners ac- cepted the completion of Hawthorne Rehabili- tation Project. Sheriff's Office Shooting Range Tipton stated the Planning Commission was presented the issue. Sheriff's Office does not need a Special Use Permit. Land will not be open to public. There are concerns from locals are what guns are being shot. Deputy Dillard stated that berms will be built by Public Works; tower built for safety reasons and fenced by six foot chain link with barb wire and signage. Guns being fired will be rifles, pistols and shotguns. Fitzgerald asked if it will be used for Carded Concealed Weapons. Sheriff Mike Dillard stated the tower will be manned at all times of use. Essenpries stated he does not expect the Sher- iff's Office to request funding for this project. Sue Silver made a public comment asking about environmental cleanup. Motion was made to allow construction of range as discussed. Division of Aging Services Advocate and Transportation Grant Director James Ut- terback stated he had received the transporta- tion grant from Divi- sion of Health & Human Services and applied for with full request funded, first time in his history total amount was re- ceived. He was awarded $61,778. Commission- ers agreed to approve the grant notification award. Utterback stated he received the Information Assistance and Advoca- cy Grant from the Divi- sion for Aging Services, total amount of $41,071, and this will be the last year state is funding this grant. Motion was granted to approve noti- fication award. BLM Update Terri Knutson, BLM Stillwater Field Office, stated the Wild Burro Gather in Marietta was appealed due to public feeling the burros were an endangered species. New gather will be scheduled at a later date. The Desatoya gather is coming up next; herd management in the Was- sucks, in grazing allot- ment, no cows for many years which could be used for case study will be in August-September time frame. Discussion of Wild Rose project; ORMAT transmission lines, Envi- ronmental Assessments will be sent out for pub- lic review in next couple of weeks. Discussion of Black Mountain Pump Stor- age Project considering hydro-electric project. Once actual permit !s See i-leport, Page 5 MINERAL COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT DATE OF POSITING: July 16, 2012 POSITION: Mechanic/Transportation Supervisor LOCATION: Mineral County School District Hawthorne, Nevada BENEFITS: No__ Yes X FULL-TIME SALARY: Starting placement is negotiable and com- mensurate with background training and experience Paid on the Confidential Salary Schedule beginning at $18.97 per hour. i JOB DUTIES: Under dir;ection of the Superintem dent, repairs and overhauls equipment and automo- biles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles and equipment by performing duties' listed below. Has oversight and supervisory duties related to staff within the transportation department. Performs oher work as required or assigned. QUALIFICATIONS: Holds a valid CDL with S and P endorsements Extensive knowledge in diesel engines, gasoline engines, generators, vehicle electrical apparatus, power and aid functions, hydraulic mechanisms, and braking systems. Must be willing to obtain Driver/Trainer Status with the State of Nevada Supervisory experience High School Diploma Valid Nevada driver's license and DMV clearance Ability to pass background check. OPENING DATE: July 16, 2012 CLOSING DATE: July 23, 2012, or until filled Applications can be obtained on our website www. or at the Mineral County School District Administration Building located at 751 A. Street, Hawthorne, NV. Employees of Mineral Coun- ty School District may apply by submitting at Letter of Insterest to the Administration Office. All Applications and Letters must be received by 3:00 p.m. on or before the closing date listed above. Contact Hope Blinco at 945-2403. Vlineral County School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or origin, in any of its policies or practices. MCSD complies with the ADA and will provide rea- sonable accommodations if requested. Posted: District Office, MCSH, Hawthorne Jr. High, Hawthorne Elementary. Schurz Elementary, Teach- er's Mailboxes. MINERAL COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Week of June 26- July 9 calls JUNE26 -911 Hang-up -Report of Loud Music (200 Block of M) -Report of Vandalism at Carrols (Two Re- ports) -Report of Loud Music (400 Block of M) -Report of Domestic Disturbance (300 Block of I) -Report of Vehicle Accident (MM55) -Ambulance Assist -Report of Domestic Disturbance (500 Block of L) -Report of Child Abuse -Report of Juveniles climbing through win- dows of house (Got locked out of the house) -Report of Fireworks (300 Block of D) -Report of Probation Violation (Gils Bar) -Report of Subject walking on bypass with a stick -Report of Large roll of wire on highway (Buffalo Stop) -Report of Stolen prescriptions -Vin Inspection -Land Lord-Tenant Dispute (500 Block of J) -Report of Somebody stuck in sand (Walker Lake) -Report of Suspicious vehicle (500 Block of O) -Report of Harassment -Report of Fight (600 Block of J) -Report of Fireworks (Luning) -Welfare Check -Report of Shop lifting (76 Station) .IUNE 27 -Report of Burglary (NV Energy) -Report of Open door (Family Dollar) -Report of Burglary (Landfill) -Report of Burglary (700 Block of J) -Report of Child Neglect -Report of Disturbance (600 Block of D) -Report of Reckless Driver (Schurz) -Report of Subject shooting firearms at Reser- voir (Two Reports) -Report of Trespassing (400 Block of L) -Report of Oven Fire (300 Block of D) -Ambulance Assist -Report of Smoke (700 Block of D) -Report of Prowler (200 Block of C) -Report of Hit and Run (Nye County) -Civil Standby -Report of Fire Hazards (200 Block of K) -Report of Cone in middle of road (Birch) -911 Hang-up -Ambulance Assist (300 Block of H) -Land Lord- Tenant Dispute (700 Block of C) -Report of Smoke (800 Block of D) .KrNE 29 -Ambulance Assist -Public Service -Vin Inspection -Ambulance Assist -Report of Disabled vehicle (HWY95) -Child Custody Dispute -Alarm at Rawhide Mine -Report of Possible drunk driver (HWY95) -Report of Fight (500 Block of L) -Ambulance Assist -Public Service (Joes) -Public Service (Gils) .IUNE 30 -Report of Reckless Driver (HWY95) -Public Service (Joes) -Report of Child Custody Dispute -Report of Life Line going off (400 Block of B) -Report of Subject walking on highway -Land Lord-Contractor Dispute -Bodie Park Rangers requesting assistance with vehicles that are trying to elude them. -Report of Vandalism (Carrols) -Report of Storage shed broken into (Walker Lake) -Report of Disorientated subject (El Capitan) .1ULY 1 -Report of Fireworks (Mina Club) -Public Service (Joes) -Public Service (El Capitan) -Report of Fight (Joes) -Report of Fireworks (Mina) -Report of somebody camping behind Animal Shelter -Nye County requesting Mineral County Search and Rescue's assistance -Report of Drug paraphernalia found (700 Block of H) .IULY 2 -Report of somebody hitting a mule (Mont- gomery Pass) -Report of Antelope on road (Main Gate) .n/LY 3 -Report of Truck fire (North End of Walker Lake) -Report of Reckless Driver (Schurz) -Report of Stuck vehicle (South End of Walk- er Lake) -Ambulance Assist (Skate Park) -Neighbor Dispute (700 Block of H) -Ambulance Assist (700 Block of F) -Neighbor Dispute (100 Block of C) .IULV 4 -Alarm at DMV -Report of Vehicle stuck (Walker Lake) -Report of Disabled Vehicle (Walker Lake) -Report of Fireworks (English) -Report of Black rabbit in yard -Report of Fireworks (600 Block of F) -Report of Fireworks (700 Block of I and J) .IULY 5 -Ambulance Assist -Report of Firework (200 Block of E) -Report of Trespassing (400 Block of L) -Report of Vehicle Accident (800 Block of K) -Report of Reckless driver (HWY95) -Report of Truck idling (El Capitan Truck LOt) -Report of Fireworks (800 Block of F) -Public Service (Joes) -Report of Check fraud -Serve of Eviction notice (500 Block of L) -911 Hang-Up -Report of Destruction of property (500 Block of L) -Civil Standby (700 Block of G) -Report of Fireworks (800 Block of I) -Report of threating text messages (700 Block of G) -Report of Somebody selling drugs out of cal (Unfounded) .IULY 7 -Public Service (El Capitan) -Report of Suicidal Subject -Report of Drunk driver (HWY95) -Public Service (Joes) -Subject requesting extra patrols of residence .KILY8 -Public Service (Joes) -Report of Vehicle Accident (Lyon County) -Report of Battery -911 Hang-Up -Report of Subjects arguing (Jackpot) .n;LY 9 -Subject calling 911, saying she is lost (Wa., Found) -Serve of eviction notice (500 Block of L) -Ambulance Assist (Scotty's) -Report of Single vehicle rollover (US95) -Report of Trespassing (600 Block of H) -Report of Domestic disturbance (Lyons Park) -Ambulance Assist -Report of Disturbance (300 Block of B) -Report of Trespassing (400 Block of I) There were 22 Animal Control Calls from June 26 to July 9. Summer programs offered through 4-H The regular school tension Office, has many meets at 3 p.m., every year has ended and par- offering and should help 1st and 3rd Thursday of ents may already be on stave, off boredom this the month at the UNCE the lookout for fun ac- summer. Mineral County office tivities for their children The newly formed 314 5th St. to do this summer. The Junior Master Garden- The 4-H Cultural local 4-H program, co- ers will be meeting on Dance Club builds tal- ordinated by Ruby Ives Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. ent among our youth in at the University of Ne- at the Cultural Arts Cen- vada Cooperative Ex- ter on 6th and C Streets. a positive environment. The 4-H yoga class Our club time is at 6 p.m. will continue through- in Schurz every Tuesday out the summer and will and Wednesday. give students a chance The 4-H Quilting to socialize weekly and Club helps young peo- Rent a pie gain skills that they Mini-Warehouse keep limber during the use throughout their summer. Fun, outdoor lives. Our club time is at 5x10 - 530 month ,activities are also on 4 p.m. most Thursday of 1 0xl0 - $40 month the agenda and even a the month and meets at I0x20 - $50 month performance for fami- 860 C St. lies and friends is in the If you are interested HAWTHORNE works. The class meets or would like more in- dlNI-WAREHOUSE! on Wednesdays at 5:15 formation, please call and all ages are wel- Ruby at the Cooperative 945-5845 come. Extension office @ 945- The 4-H Archery Club 3444 ext. 11